Jaroslava Rybanská

Terapie, poradenství, koučing - rozšíření vědomí porozuměním.

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Freedom understood as a choice, can be gained in three steps:

  1. Freedom of an action. Every person can cultivate own response to any event. Each and every human being has a privilege to make a choice: 


What are you looking for?

What do you perceive as the missing part of your life?

Let me share my experience:

For a long time, i thought that not fully understanding people´s behavior was the lock of limitation in my life. I thought, believed, having this full understanding was the key which would open the door to knowing myself, knowing who i am, knowing why i was struggling... read more...



I'm still (31st. May 2019) on the Big Island of Hawaii, just above Kealakekua Bay.


Integrating my very recent experience of The Ascension to Oneness retreat by Kenji Kumara. Integrating experiences, perspectives, understandings and awareness Read more...